on Fees (2012-2013):
Tuition Options:
Private Lessons - 10 payments* by postdated cheque (dated September 1, October 1, November 1, etc.)
                             1 payment in full due October 6
                             2 payment option – ½ due week of September 8 – ½ due week of February 2
​                        *please note that we cannot accept month cash payments. 10 payment option is by post-dated cheques only.

Adagio Show Choir -   $20 added to each monthly fee.

Dynamic / Do-Re-Mi -  1 payment due October 5 ($375 which includes a $75 registration fee)                               

Adult Choir -        1 payment due by October 5 ($100)

Tuition Fees:
½ Hour Private Lesson        10 payments of $70 or 1 yearly payment of $700
¾ Hour Private Lesson        10 payments of $94.50 or 1 yearly payment of $945
1 Hour Private Lesson         10 payments of $122.50 or 1 yearly payment of $1225
Adagio Show Choir              Add on 10 payments of $20 or 1 yearly payment of $200
Do-Re-Mi* / Dynamic Choir* 1 yearly payment of $375
Adult Choir                            1 payment of $100
    *students in the Do-Re-Mi and Dynamic choirs who are private students may add choir fees to their monthly payment.

Registration Fee:
An annual registration fee of $25 per private student, $75 per choir student, will be collected with your first month’s payment.  Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE because they hold your child's place in the studio.

Book Fees:
Students are responsible for ordering and purchasing the necessary books each year. 

​Bounced Cheques:
$15 fee will be charged for any NSF cheques.  Students with frequent NSF cheques will be asked to pay the year in full.

As of 2011, parents who have children enrolled in music lessons are eligible to claim up to $500 in music receipts on their annual tax return. Receipts are issued in June and December. I do not make duplicate receipts if they are lost.  Monthly receipts are not available.

Make-up lessons generally won't be possible due to the number of students in my studio.   Lessons will not be made up for tardiness, inadequate practice, extended vacation, extra curricular activities, snow storms*, illness or social inconvenience. 

Any lessons missed by the teacher will be made up.

*Snowstorms are certainly not anybody’s fault.  Unfortunate to Canadians are very unpredictable winters.  Broadway Productions cannot be responsible for lessons missed due to weather.  The studio remains open on snow days. If you cannot make your lesson please inform the studio.  Use your discretion. Your safety is always our priority. At the end of the year we will try to make up lessons missed due to snow storm if time allows. 

2 weeks notice is required to withdraw from courses - and no refund is given for the remainder of any month.  (ie: If you quit the first of January - you will be billed for that entire month, not just the two weeks notice.)

Withdrawals after February 15th are still billable until June if the place cannot be filled by a new student.  It is difficult to find new students at this time of the year.

There is no refund for choir students after November 1st, 2015.

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